3% – 90 Day Pawn Loans in Westland, Michigan

At Garden City Pawn we offer the lowest rates in the City of Westland for Pawn Customers.  We offer 90 Day loans @ 3% per month.  If you live in Westland and have a need for cash we are here for you 6 days a week.  We are centrally located right  inside the city of Garden City no more than 2 miles from all areas of Westland.   Our address is 32555 Ford Road easy with access from Wayne Road, Warren Road, Venoy & Cherryhill.  Check out our main website for more details.   www.gardencitypawn.com or call now 734-525-0777 with any questions.


Every where you go you see billboards, signs and advertisements about selling your gold. At Garden City Pawn, we strive to buy your gold at the highest price in town. We will purchase any type of gold or silver and diamond jewelry, watches, electronics, tools and more. We will pay cash, fast and on the spot.

Aside from gold jewelry we buy and sell US Minted Silver & Gold Coins, rare coins including all bullion including Silver/Gold bars, or any US coins dated 1964 and older.


The list of merchandise that we buy and sell is extensive. To make it easy on you, we’ve compiled a brief list. Please keep in mind that we purchase MOST items of value and are NOT limited to the following categories.

Please call 734-525-0777, Text 313.215.6986 or Email with any questions. We are here 6 days a week & we make it easy!

As Always Garden City Pawn will make the Highest and Best Cash offer we possibly can on each and every item that comes into our store. Don’t Hesitate to call or Text us anytime if you have something to sell or Pawn!  -Tom

Call:  734-525-0777   |   Text: 313.215.6986

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